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Magnetospheric convection and magnetopause shadowing effects in ULF wave‐driven energetic electron transport

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  • Magnetospheric radiation belt electron transport in the presence of ULF waves and a convection electric field is investigated using a model that includes a nightside plasma sheet source and electron losses by magnetopause shadowing. Narrow-band ULF waves launched from a prescribed dayside magnetopause source are shown to interact with trapped and untrapped equatorially mirroring electrons within the magnetosphere. For magnetic moments less than 8keV/nT and a strong convection electric field (in the order of 5mV/m), we find that a limb of untrapped plasma sheet electrons extending across the dayside magnetosphere into the afternoon sector provides a phase space density (PSD) source for injection to lower L-shells by ULF waves, causing a rapid enhancement in PSD. However, the same ULF wave activity gives rise to a rapid dropout in PSD for electrons with a higher magnetic moment or in the presence of a weaker convection electric field, since in this case the plasma sheet electrons escape through the magnetopause before they reach the afternoon sector. In their place, a lack of PSD, or PSD holes can be periodically injected from the magnetopause to lower L-shells by ULF waves, leading to the rapid depletion in average PSD. In each case, the magnitude and extent in L-shell of the PSD enhancement or depletion is strongly dependent on the amplitude of ULF waves in the afternoon sector, and is significantly augmented by the overlap of drift-resonant islands and an associated stochastic transport layer.

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    • Degeling, Alex W., Rankin, Robert, Murphy, Kyle, & Rae, I. Johnathan. (2013). Magnetospheric convection and magnetopause shadowing effects in ULF wave‐driven energetic electron transport. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 118(6), 2919-2927.
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