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Apparel Flammability Hazard and Burn Injury Potential

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  • Many factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic to textile material and its wearers, will influence the flammability and fire incidence potential of fibers, fabrics, textiles, and their usage in wearing apparel. These factors are known contributors to textile flammability, and can be considered singly or individually, as well as taken together and interactively. However, seldom has there been a comprehensive listing of them all as collective contributors to garment flammability hazard.
    Factors from fibers or blend effects; fabric type and surface; textile treatments and finishing; garment type, design, and coverage; plus a wearer’s fire recognition and manner of responses—all contribute to textile flammability and overall potential for apparel wearers’ burn injury or death.

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    • Spivak, S. M. (2015). Apparel Flammability Hazard and Burn Injury Potential. AATCC REVIEW, 15(6), 40–43.