A BIM-lean framework for digitalisation of premanufacturing phases in offsite construction

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  • Purpose – The research introduces means for improving premanufacturing processes (design, procurement
    and bidding) by leveraging digitalisation in offsite construction. Specifically, this paper proposes a framework
    that provides measures for the planning and implementation of digitalisation in offsite construction by
    positioning building information modelling (BIM) as the key technology and lean principles to add value and
    reduce waste.
    Design/methodology/approach – The paper follows the design science research approach to develop the
    proposed framework and attain the aforementioned objective. The developed framework includes data
    collection, value-stream mapping and simulation to assess current processes, develop and propose
    improvements. An empirical implementation is employed to demonstrate the applicability of both the
    framework and the measures used to evaluate the outcomes.
    Findings – The application of the proposed three-stage framework resulted in 9.45%–23.33%-time reduction
    per year for the various improvement categories in premanufacturing phases. Employing simulation and
    applying the developed measures provide incentive for upper management to adopt the suggested
    improvements. Additionally, while the empirical implementation was tested on a modular construction
    company, the methods used indicate that the framework, with its generic guidelines, could be applied and
    customized to any offsite company.
    Originality/value – While several studies propose that BIM-Lean integration offers an advantage in the
    context of production systems, this paper focuses on the initial design and planning phases, which are mostly
    overlooked in the literature. Moreover, the present study provides quantitative evidence of the benefits of data
    integration through BIM technology

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