Development and Validation of the Hope in Counselling and Psychotherapy Scale (HCPS)

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  • Hope is consistently identified in the mental heath literature as a key factor accounting for client change in counselling and psychotherapy (Grencavage & Norcross, 1990). Research on client and psychotherapist understandings of hope in psychotherapy calls into question the singular, unidimensional focus on goals that dominates hope research in psychology (e.g., Cutcliffe, 2004; Larsen & Stege, 2010a, 2010b). Specifically, Snyder et al’s unidimensional, global hope scale in psychotherapy has demonstrated equivocal relationships with psychotherapy outcome and neglects dimensions of hope established as important in psychotherapy research (Coppock et al., 2011). The goal of this study is to develop and validate a draft expert-informed multidimensional hope scale designed specifically for use in counselling and psychotherapy research and practice.

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