Recovering Stereo Depth Maps Using Single Gaussian Blurred Color Structured Light Pattern

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  • Technical report TR11-07. In this paper, we present a structured light method to recover depth maps. Contrary to most temporal coding methods which require projecting a series of patterns, our method needs one color pattern only. Unlike most spatial coding methods which establish correspondence only along the edges of the captured images, our method produces a dense set of correspondence. Our method is built upon an important observation that a Gaussian blurred De Bruijn pattern preserves the desirable windowed uniqueness property. A Gaussian blurred De Bruijn pattern is used so that the color of every illuminated pixel is used to its fullest advantage. The simulated experiments show that the proposed method establishes a correspondence set whose density and accuracy are close to that of using temporal coding methods. We also demonstrate the robustness of our approach by applying it to several real-world datasets. | TRID-ID TR11-07

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    Attribution 3.0 International