Resubmitting a CIHR OOGP Application, Tips and Considerations

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  • Competition is fierce in the CIHR Open Operating Grants Program (OOGP). With success rates of ~18%, applicants often face resubmission of their unfunded application. This workshop provided a forum to discuss key considerations when resubmitting an application. Questions discussed included: What criteria do I use to answer the question - should this application be resubmitted? How can we judge the best timing for a resubmission? Should a resubmission be written differently than a new application? How do we ‘read between the lines’ in the CIHR peer reviewer and scientific officer notes? What are the most important changes we can make to an application encourage funding of a resubmission? What important points should we remember when writing the “Response to Previous Review” section? When should we consider requesting another committee? We will share data on what researchers felt ‘tipped the scales’ on their resubmissions, moving their applications from unfunded to funded.

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