On the use of CBIR in Image Mosaic Generation

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  • Technical report TR02-17. Image mosaic or image montage is an image made up of many other images. An image mosaic has its own visual content as a whole while each of its building images also has a meaningful content. This thesis address the design and implementation of an image mosaic generating system, which uses computers to build image mosaics automatically. There are many parameters used in our system to control an image mosaic generating process which are shown playing different roles on affecting the processing time and image mosaic's quality. As another contribution, a new approach used to evaluate an image mosaic's quality is proposed in this thesis, which is based on the human perception of image mosaics. It uses the increasing speed of distance between local colour histograms of an image mosaic and its original image as the distance measure. And the experimental results show that this distance measure performs the most stable for evaluating image mosaics' quality in comparison with Global Colour Histogram and Average Pixel-to-Pixel distance measure. | TRID-ID TR02-17

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