Seismic Characterization of A Possible Buried Impact Structure near Bow City in Southern Alberta

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    Xie, Wei
  • Impact cratering has been accepted as a major process that significantly affects the geological and biological histories on earth. In fact, there have been a number of impact craters detected in western Canada since the 1970’s. Following this tradition, a possible buried impact structure near Bow City in Southern Alberta was discovered in 2010 by careful near-surface structural mapping. The motivation of this study is to examine the impact origin of this abnormal structure, which could provide valuable information for the impact research and the geological development of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. The work is carried out with integrated legacy and new seismic reflection images, seismic travel time inversion, and structural modeling. This evidence shows distinct listric faulting at the structure’s edge and a more central uplift zone that is highly faulted; this structural evidence is similar to that seen in other craters and supports interpretation of the structure as an impact crater. Final definitive confirmation, however, still requires that evidence of shock metamorphism be found.

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