Design and Calibration of a Piezoelectric Force Sensor for Bearing Fault Detection

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  • With the advent of IoT and trends toward intelligent manufacturing, having mechanical systems with integrated sensors is becoming more popular. Bearings are one of the components that have attracted more attention toward being integrated with sensors. Therefore, in this research, the design and modeling of a low-cost piezoelectric force sensor embedded inside the bearing housing have been investigated. Through using a reference force sensor, the designed piezoelectric force sensor is calibrated. Also, a theoretical model is developed to estimate the sensitivity of the sensor for low and high frequencies. By performing a modal analysis and harmonic test, the frequency response of the sensor up to the first natural frequency is obtained. Subsequently, the proposed sensor is integrated with a previously developed bearing dynamic model to analyze the sensor response in case of having a local fault on the outer ring. According to the results, the proposed sensor is capable of detecting local fault symptoms on the bearing outer ring in the frequency domain.

    Part of the Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022

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