Harm to Healing – Partnering with Patients Who Have Been Harmed

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  • ​​Keeping patients safe is a topic that is starting to become widely discussed; however, there are still a substantial number of patients who continue to be harmed while receiving care. Several health organizations that have become leaders in patient safety found that by partnering with patients and families who have been harmed, they can provide important and often overlooked opportunities to make patient care safer. These leaders are open to change and understand a need to help create a different culture in their organizations. A key component of their patient safety strategy is engagement; engagement with all stakeholders, staff, leaders, health professionals, the public, and the patients and families that have been directly impacted. Aware that the road to becoming a leader in patient engagement has both challenges and rewards, a research team explored the process of engaging patients and families with a specific focus on: developing an understanding of the process of healing for these patients and families, and developing a construct and framework to include them as advisors in collaborative patient safety initiatives. A Healthcare Harm to Healing model was created and recommendations for good practices were developed in this collaborative work.

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