Constitutive Model for Monotonic and Cyclic Response of Loosely Cemented Sand Formations

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  • An elastoplastic constitutive model within the framework of bounding surface plasticity theory is
    adopted to predict the mechanical behaviour of soft sandstone under monotonic and cyclic loadings. In
    this model, the loading surface always passes through the current stress state regardless of the type of
    loading. Destruction of the cementation bonds by plastic deformation in the model is considered as the
    primary mechanism responsible for the mechanical degradation of loosely cemented sands/weak rock.
    To model cyclic response, the unloading plastic and elastic moduli are formulated based on the loading/
    reloading plastic and elastic moduli. The proposed model was implemented in FLAC2D and evaluated
    against laboratory triaxial tests under monotonic and cyclic loadings, and the model results agreed well
    with the experimental observations. For cyclic tests, hysteresis loops are captured with reasonable

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