A Novel Three-State Electrothermally Actuated Microgripper

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  • This work demonstrates a novel multi-configurable three-state electrothermally-actuated microgripper. The state of the gripper refers to the electrical configuration of the hot and cold arms as well as the mechanical mode of operation. The gripper has three basic electrical configurations and subsequent operational modes; the opening, the partial closing state, and the full closing state. The first mode of operation achieves a maximum opening per-arm displacement of 1.06 μm when a maximum DC voltage of 7 V is applied. In the second operational mode (the partial closing state), the gripper achieves a maximum closing per-arm displacement of 1.26 μm for a maximum applied DC voltage of 9 V. This mode is also thought to exhibit significant out-of-plane jaw displacement. The third mode of operation achieves full tip-tip contact for an applied DC voltage of 9 V which corresponds to a per-arm closing displacement of 2.53 μm. In the unpowered configuration, the jaw tip-tip distance is 5.05 μm. The gripper is fabricated using a standard PolyMUMPs process and is manufactured out of polycrystalline silicon.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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