Experimental and computational study of performance characteristics in S- shaped diffuser

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  • Experimental and computational studies were carried out on the S-shaped diffusers to determine the impact of the change in curvature of a straight-wall diffuser. A straight diffuser became a curved diffuser at completely different angles as their similar upper and lower limbs (30°/30°, 45°/45°). The diffuser profile equations were computed using the MATLAB/Simulink v2017 programme. The S-shaped diffuser has a distinct feature with a square inlet and a rectangular outlet. The centerline length is constant for all the diffusers. The S-shaped diffusers were compared to straight-wall diffuser with the same inlet velocity and Reynolds number in terms of static pressure recovery and total pressure loss coefficients. The findings show that as the curve of the diffuser increases, the flow uniformity at the exit decreases, the static pressure loss rises at the inflection plane, and the total pressure loss coefficient increases.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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