Knowledge of JIF among Nursing Faculty in Saskatchewan

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  • Objective: This project aimed to assess nursing faculty
    awareness and knowledge of the journal impact factor (JIF) and
    its impact on their publication choices.
    Methods: A qualitative cross-sectional questionnaire was
    developed using Fluid Survey and distributed electronically to
    nursing faculty and instructors at three post-secondary institutions
    in Saskatchewan. Data were collected on place and status of
    employment, knowledge and awareness of JIFs, and criteria used
    to choose journals for publication.
    Results: A total of forty-four nursing faculty and instructors
    completed the questionnaire. The authors found that faculty lack
    awareness or complete understanding of JIFs and that JIFs are not
    the most important or only criterion used when they choose a
    journal for publication.
    Conclusions: There are various reasons for choosing a journal
    for publication. It is important for librarians to understand faculty
    views of JIFs and their criteria for choosing journals for
    publication, so that librarians are better equipped to guide
    researchers in considering their academic goals, needs, and
    personal values.

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    • Kumaran, M., & Ha, C. (2017). Knowledge of journal impact factors among nursing faculty: a cross-sectional study. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 105(2), 140-144.