Adsorptive Removal of CO2 by Amine Functionalized Sorbents: Experimental and Kinetics Study

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    Zhao, An
  • Adsorption processes using functionalized ordered mesoprous silica sorbents have shown a great potential for post-combustion CO2 capture from flue gas. In this work an experimental and theoretical investigation was conducted on the adsorptive removal of CO2 onto amine functionalized mesoporous SBA-15. The adsorption of CO2 on the functionalized sorbent has been measured by thermogravimetric method over the CO2 partial pressure range of 10–100 kPa and temperature range of 303–373 K under atmospheric pressure. The functionalization of SBA-15 silica with tetraethylenepentamine (TEPA) has been achieved using conventional wet impregnation technique. The structural properties of the sorbents have been characterized by nitrogen adsorption/ desorption, SAXS, SEM, TEM and FTIR techniques. Temperature swing adsorption/desorption cycles in a simulated flue gas were also explored. Different chemisorption kinetic models have been investigated to analyze the experimental data. The model was validated with the experimental results of isothermal adsorption measurements of CO2 on SBA-15/TEPA.

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    Master of Science
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