Assessing library site value and client satisfaction during a global pandemic

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  • AHS’s Knowledge Resource Service sought to understand the use and value of its 6 geographically dispersed libraries, to inform future strategic planning. Under normal circumstances, gate counts and exit interviews would be used to gather information from library users regarding their satisfaction with the library space and offerings, however this was not possible during temporary Covid-19 closures. Library leadership was challenged to evaluate libraries and gain client perspectives while working from home. A unique assessment methodology was devised: virtual, one-on-one interviews between library staff and known users of each library, using a set of pre-prepared questions to guide the conversation. The questions focused on usage, satisfaction, barriers, perceived value, and ideas for future development. Each interview was manually recorded, entered into a spreadsheet, and then coded with descriptive tags and broader themes, to assess and compare the results. Two outputs were then produced – a system-wide overview summary, and a more granular, site-by-site summary. This allowed for broad conclusions as well as differentiation of issues between sites. The process was generally successful to gauge client satisfaction and perspectives, despite known limitations, and allowed strategic planning initiatives to continue, even in the midst of a global pandemic and temporary library closures.

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