Continuous Maintenance

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  • There are many "continuous" practices in software engineering, for example continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), continuous release (CR), and DevOps. However, the maintenance aspect of continuity is rarely mentioned in publication or education. The continuous practices and applications depend on many repositories and artifacts, such as databases, servers, virtual machines, storage, data, meta-data, various logs, and reports. Continuous maintenance (CM) seeks to maintain these repositories and artifacts properly and consistently through automation, summarization, compaction, archival, and removal. For example, retaining builds and test results created by CI consumes storage. An automated CM process can remove the irrelevant artifacts and compact the relevant artifacts to reduce storage usage. Proper CM is essential for applications' long term sustainability. There are two sides of CM: pre-production and post-production. During the pre-production phase, CM maintains the health of the development environments and the relevant processes. Then during the post-production phase, CM maintains the health of the applications. This paper defines CM for developers. CM complements and completes continuous practices.

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