TaMeX: An Intelligent-Agent Framework for Flexible Service Integration on the Web

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  • Technical report TR03-17. A rapidly increasing number of services is available on the World Wide Web, which has given rise to a great challenge: to enable the interoperation of these services in the context of high-quality, integrated applications, providing customized value-added services to the end user. TaMeX is an XML-based intelligent-agent framework that supports the development of agent-based applications, integrating services of pre-existing web applications with newly developed functionalities. The TaMeX framework architecture is based on a set of declarative models of the application-domain information, the supported tasks, the end-user profiles, and the pre-existing web services. At run-time, the TaMeX agents use these models to flexibly interact with the users, monitor and control the execution of the underlying applications and coordinate the information exchange among them, and to collaborate in order to react to failures and effectively accomplish the desired user request. | TRID-ID TR03-17

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    Attribution 3.0 International