Posterior Cranial Base Growth and Development Changes as Assessed Through CBCT Imaging in Adolescents

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    Currie, Kristopher S
  • Introduction: Understanding craniofacial growth and development is important for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning and post treatment evaluation of orthodontic cases. Paramount to this is knowledge of the cranial base growth and development, since it is the foundation upon which the remaining facial structures develop. In this study, a systematic review was conducted to gather knowledge about previous data on growth changes in the posterior cranial base. Inter-rater, intra-rater and accuracy of 33 selected landmarks in the posterior cranial base and surrounding area were then evaluated via three-dimensional (3D) cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). An adolescent population was then used to assess growth related dimensional changes of the previously selected landmarks. Methods: Systematic review was conducted via the PRISMA guidelines. Reliability and accuracy were assessed using CBCT’s of 10 dry skulls. Sixty (60) CBCT images of the adolescent population at two time-points were used to assess growth related dimensional changes using the 33 selected landmarks. Results: The selected landmarks in the posterior cranial base and surrounding area were found to be reliably and accurately located in 3D. Over the growth period studied (17.5months), minor statistically significant changes occurred, but they were deemed clinically irrelevant. Conclusions: The studied landmarks in the posterior cranial base and surrounding area showed minor, but potentially important, clinically insignificant changes over the relatively study period. The observed changes could be attributed to measurement error. The posterior cranial base is deemed to be stable in all three dimensions of study during the adolescent growth period studied, but over a longer time frame may show continued growth.

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