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A Review of European Acid Rock Drainage Initiatives

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  • Western Europe is a dynamic region, with an emerging co-operation between the individual nations both politically, economically, technically and scientifically. The European Union, today with 15 member States and with a range of central European States applying for membership, is a catalyst for this Cupertino, using a combination of EU funds, for financing research initiatives, and legislation to enhance development of technology and environmental performance. Europe is a major net importer of metals but with a large potential for own production, in particular in the accession countries. The metals and mining sector is furthermore identified as having a large potential to generate wealth both in today’s EU and in the future, widened Union. This paper provides a chart of examples on the many research initiatives presently underway in Europe, addressing environmental issues related to mining. The list of programmes and projects does not claim to be complete; it is rather an illustration on the wideness of the approach, describing various ways for transboundary Cupertino. The approach taken by many of the programmes goes beyond the strict ARD scientific area and therefore only a limited number of the many programmes can be identified as ARD research programmes. Also national programmes, without EU funding, are operating, eg in Sweden, Germany, and UK. The picture is continuously changing with new programmes being commissioned and old ones being completed.

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