Wildlife production systems and programmes in Kenya

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  • Three projects have evaluated the potential of game cropping, domestication and ranching in Kenya. The UNDP/FAO Wildlife Management Project explored the potential for game cropping but difficulties in meat handling as well as public controversy redirected attention to a concessionaire system of sport hunting. The Galana Game Ranch Research Project evaluated pastoral management of habituated animals. The oryx was considered to have the greatest potential; buffalo were dangerous and the ecological adaptations of eland could not be expressed under these conditions. Game Ranching Ltd. at Athi River was evaluated fenced wild hoofed stock. Unfortunately, heavy poaching has forced nation-wide hunting and trophy bans. Nevertheless, the ranching project at Athi River has resumed under special permit.

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    • Hudson, R.J., J.B. Stelfox & D. Hopcraft. (1984). Wildlife production systems and programmes in Kenya. Acta Zool. Fennica 172: 225-226.