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A Painted Study of Lucian Freud

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  • In my research I am looking at the female experience depicted in oil painting. As a female painter the majority of my formative years have been guided by the images and teachings of male painters. The prevailing male narrative in painting has been so pervasive that alternate perspectives have had great difficulty finding adequate space to express themselves within the medium. For non-male voices to gain traction in the world of oil painting they must engage simultaneously in acts of resistance to, and mimesis of, this lineage. My image ‘A study of Lucian Freud’ investigates the connection between the past and the present while also exploring themes within art history, gender studies, aesthetics and materiality. My image depicts a still life of a Lucian Freud art book opened to a portrait of a young woman. By actively engaging in mimesis in this way I am breaking down the wall of painting’s past and opening up new possibilities for the future. The backdrop of this painting is deliberately situated within my studio space, among paintbrushes, solvents and papers, as an acknowledgment of my own lived experience with the medium. // Program of Study: Master's // Faculty/Department: Faculty of Arts, Department of Art & Design // Place of Creation: Edmonton, Alberta // Award: Semi-finalists Prize, Images of Research Competition 2018

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