Integrating language services and the Alberta Education Curriculum: An extension for Grades 4-6 APPENDICES

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  • Language is extensively used within the school environment, sometimes in areas which might not be evident unless working with a child with language impairments. Kristen Hedley (2012) created a tool called the “SLP curriculum” for teachers and speech-language pathologists to use collaboratively, which identifies language demands within the curriculum. This tool used the learner specific outcomes from the Programs of Study for Mathematics, Social Studies, English Language Arts and Science for Grades K-3. The purpose was to identify key vocabulary, language skills and other skills that are embedded throughout the curriculum objectives for these Grades (including glossaries for “other language skills” and basic concepts). The present tool has been designed for Grades 4-6 and has been modified from the original work to include aspects and concepts that are more appropriate for older students. Modifications include changing definitions, adding skills and concepts and including a new glossary that codes skills that highlight increasing cognitive demands. The end result will be an expansion of the “SLP curriculum” that will hopefully be utilized within Alberta classrooms in order to enhance the education of students with language-learning difficulties.

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