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THE BOY GAME: A Look at Bullying Through the Lens of Masculine Gender Norms, A Study Guide to Accompany the Film

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  • The Boy Game video is a dramatic scenario developed from off-the-record interviews with boys nationwide, then scripted with young actors. Shot like a documentary, it’s a snapshot of boys’ experiences designed to highlight key moments of pressure that lead to action or passive fear. The Study Guide is rooted in a few important values and frameworks. We begin with the belief that people are more than the roles that they play. Like all humans, boys are complex, even contradictory; they hold the full range of human resources, needs, emotions, ideas, fears and hopes. Social and cultural expectations, traditions, stereotypes and pressures can constrict who they are – forcing them to play specific roles: the boy code is only one of them. These codes may look different across different contexts: city, suburb, or rural; working, middle or upper class; White, Latino, Asian, African-American or other cultural heritages; school, family or community. All the boys in this film are complex – whether they are “target,” “perpetrator” or “bystander’ – and they are all affected by the constraints of hyper masculine norms.

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