Vocational cross-curricular program for at-risk students

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  • Alberta is an industrial force within Canada. Nonetheless, it is a travesty that there is still a high percentage of students who fail to complete their high school education. Despite many initiatives to improve student retention and promote high school completion within the province, there continues to be groups present in the Albertan society who remained educationally disadvantaged. These groups include individuals who may have not completed their secondary education and consequently will have difficulty finding steady employment and opportunities for future career advancement. The research for this paper focuses on the study and assessment of programs geared towards retaining high risk learners at school and discusses the possibility of developing an industrial arts program with the goal of offering opportunities for vocational students to complete their high school education. In particular, this research examines the practice of specialized industrial arts education and proposes a cross-curricular learning program that utilizes skills to allow regular and academic at-risk high school students to complete their high school education by increasing their academic ability through the development of practical vocational skills in applied programs.

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