Burials Rituals of the Sami and Samoyed People: Colonization and Culture Loss

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  • The burial rituals of the Sami, Nenets, Enets and Nganasans are a key aspect of their cultures, with the territorial encroachment coming from external groups, these groups have faced many challenges that threatened the continuation of their traditional burial practices. Archeological and ethnological research into Sami burial practices is thorough and has greatly contributed to the field. Less archeological research has been conducted among the Nenets, Enets and Nganasans, though much research has been completed in the field of ethnology beginning at an early stage. Through an analysis of historical evidence, archeological finds, and ethnographic records a more complete understanding of these peoples can be assembled. Using framework of Ake Hultkrantz’s first volume of the International dictionary of regional European ethnology and folklore and Stephen May’s Indigenous rights Self-determination, language and education the research can be better interpreted. Through an analytical comparison of these northern indigenous groups an increased comprehension of the effects of colonialism and Christianity on the preservation of burial cultures can be found. The importance of traditional lands on indigenous cultures is one of the key aspects in retaining culture, coupled with the protection offered by remoteness from missionaries and government activity.

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