Numerical and experimental comparison of confinement effects on a Fully-Passive Oscillating-Foil Turbine

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  • A numerical and experimental comparison of a fully-passive oscillating-foil turbine operating in different confinement levels is conducted to assert how well CFD-based FSI simulations can predict the performances of the turbine. It is found the present 3D URANS simulations match reasonably well the experimental observations, especially in terms of pitch angles and power extraction. Indeed, the results confirm that confinement increases the extracted power and the efficiency of the fully-passive blade. At low confinement level, the main flow features are shown to be well captured by the simulations. At large confinement levels, some issues with lateral walls interactions are discussed as possible explanation for the observed discrepancies.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022

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