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Nitrogen Regulation of RNA Helicase Expression

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  • Expression of the stress-regulated RNA helicase of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, CrhR, is altered by three known stresses, temperature, light and salt concentration. Here we show that altering the source of fixed nitrogen, either urea, ammonia, nitrate or lack of fixed nitrogen, also results in differences in the expression of the CrhR protein. In particular, CrhR expression is induced transiently by transfer to nitrate-based media at both warm (30°C) and cold (20°C) temperatures. When grown in nitrogen limited conditions, CrhR protein levels decrease rapidly in cold-stressed wild type cells. The protein levels in a CrhR mutant grown under nitrogen limited conditions do not decrease. These results indicate that nitrogen source regulates CrhR expression via a mechanism that involves proteolytic degradation.

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