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  • The relationship between ancient craft practices, “women’s work”, and technology is the primary focus of my artwork. Using the grid as a visual and conceptual link, I investigate the roots of modern technology in hand weaving practices. The structure of the grid can be traced back to the crossing of threads at right angles for the purposes of weaving cloth. Today, the grid structure often references virtual space and computer imagery. My work considers the space between digital and analog, old and new, hand and machine.
    Through extensive work within local weaving communities, I have been handed down diagrams, pattern information, techniques and stories. My artworks record and interpret these patterns and imagery, either directly or through the use of symbols. Alternating between analog and digital methods of production, I use a Trotec laser cutter alongside traditional painting media. The resulting artworks reference both weaving patterns and digital code.
    Engaging with traditions of modernist and minimalist painting, my work builds upon the work of artists like Hilma af Klint, Agnes Martin and Anni Albers. These artists use the grid as a visual structure to diagram and understand scientific, material and spiritual ideas. My work reconsiders these ideas in light of society’s changing relationship to technology. Reconsidering the role of textile work traditionally done by women has potential to reclaim female authorship in the development of contemporary ideas and influence our collective future.

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