Realization of word-final taps in Spanish infinitive verbs

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  • Word-final rhotics are realized differently across the various dialects of
    Spanish. This research contributes to our knowledge of this variation by
    investigating the production of the voiced alveolar tap in Castilian Spanish
    in word final position by analysing infinitive verbs. The present study
    analysed spontaneous speech from speakers living in Madrid, Spain.
    Word-final /r/ tokens were coded as one of four possible realizations: taps,
    approximants, deleted, and other. An acoustic analysis of 374 tokens was
    performed. It was found that the 56.42% of final /r/ realizations resulted in
    considerable reduction. This reduction consisted of the tap being deleted or
    replaced with a different sound. The rest of the tokens were classified as
    rhotics, from which the most common variant were approximants,
    consisting of 27.54% of realizations. True taps only accounted for 16.04%
    of tokens. These results are in line with previous findings from other
    dialects that indicate reduced variants more common than true taps.

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