α-Selective Xylofuranosylation Using a 2,3-O-Xylylene Protected Donor

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    Zhang, Li
  • Furanose-containing molecules are widespread in nature and have been identified as important constituents of glycoconjugates from numerous pathogenic microorganisms. Although significant advances in the synthesis of 1,2-cis-glycofuranosides have been made, there are still some challenges. In particular, almost no studies investigating the synthesis of 1,2-cis-xylofuranosides have been carried out. Previous studies by our group have demonstrated that the utility 2,3-O-xylylene protected arabinofuranosyl donors in the synthesis of 1,2-cis-(β)-arabinofuranosides. Therefore, we wanted to expand this methodology to the synthesis of 1,2-cis-(α)-xylofuranosides. Several 2,3-O-xylylene protected xylofuranosyl donors were synthesized, glycosylations employing them have been optimized and the substrate scope of the reaction has been explored. Finally, to demonstrate the utility of the methodology, a 5-deoxy-5-methylthio-α-xylofuranose- (MTX) containing pentasaccharide fragment of mycobacterial LAM was synthesized.

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    Spring 2016
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    Master of Science
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