Constitutive Model for Cyclic Behaviour of Cohesionless Sands

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  • This paper presents a constitutive model for describing the stress-strain response of
    sands under cyclic loading. The model, formulated using the critical state theory
    within the bounding surface plasticity framework, is an upgraded version of an
    existing model developed for monotonic behavior of cohesionless sands. With
    modification of the hardening law, plastic volumetric strain increment and
    unloading plastic modulus, the original model was modified for simulating cyclic
    loading. The proposed model was validated against triaxial cyclic loading tests for
    Fuji River sand, Toyoura sand and Nigata sand. Comparison between the measured
    and predicted results suggests that the proposed modified model can capture the
    main features of cohesionless sands under drained and undrained cyclic loading

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