Cationic Rhodium JosiPhos Polymers: Pathway to Highly Reusable Catalysts for Heterogeneous Asymmetric Hydrogenation

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    Nepal, Prabin
  • JosiPhos derivatives with an alt-ROMP active norimido group. Specifically, the alt-ROMP active cationic [Rh(diphosphine)COD]BF4 (diphosphine = (R)-1-[(Sp)-2-(Diphenylphosphino)-1’-(dimethyl-3’-N-(cis-5-norbornene-2,3-dicarboximidopropylsilyl)ferrocenyl]ethyl-di-cyclohexylphosphine) compound was co-polymerized with cyclooctene using the ROMP catalyst RuCl2(=CHPh)(PCy3)2, and the resulting polycationic polymer adhered via electrostatic attractions to a polyanionic Al2O3/Phosphotungstic acid (PTA) support. This heterogenous catalyst was active towards the hydrogenations of methyl-(Z)-α-acetamidocinnamate (MAC) and dimethyl itaconate (DMI). The enantioselective hydrogenation of DMI over this catalyst occurred with excellent activity (100% conversion, 5000 TON) and selectivity (up to 95% ee) without significant Rh leaching over 10 reuses.

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    Fall 2018
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    Master of Science
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