PROM-OOGLE - Data mining and Integration of On-line Databases to Discover Gene Promoters

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  • Technical report TR08-13. The vast number of on-line biological and medical databases available can be a great resource for medical researchers. However, the different types of data and interfaces available can be overwhelming for many medical researchers to learn. Moreover, the available resources lack needed integration. Here we focus on an important task in medical research: to provide researchers with promoter analysis for a given gene. PROM-OOGLE is a web based data mining tool that provides a means for researchers to take a gene name of interest and obtain its promoter sequence in return after automatic integration of text databases. Additionally, the program is capable of returning multiple promoters from different genes allowing researchers to study how promoters regulate genes. This tool facilitates the process of acquiring information on a promoter and may lead to interesting discoveries. | TRID-ID TR08-13

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    Attribution 3.0 International