The Development and Effectiveness of an Online Phonetics Refresher Module for Incoming Speech-Language Pathology Students

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  • This project involved the development and evaluation of an online phonetics refresher module for incoming speech-language pathology (SLP) students at the University of Alberta, class of 2018. The module was intended to provide new students with the opportunity to review phonetics concepts and practice skills in phonetic transcription to ensure that they had a shared baseline of knowledge and skills prior to undertaking coursework in phonological development and disorders at the graduate level. Of the 58 students who were recruited to participate in the project, 35 students completed the entire module, which consisted of 3 units. A comparison of pre- and post-unit quizzes showed that participants received significantly higher quiz scores after completing each unit (p<0.001). Pre-module and post-module surveys found that participants rated their knowledge and confidence in phonetic concepts significantly higher after completing the module (p<0.001). On a follow-up survey midway through the completion of the graduate course in phonological disorders, all of the students that completed the module reported that the online refresher module was helpful in preparation for the course. Additionally, all students reported that they would recommend the refresher to future SLP students. Many students also indicated an interest in refresher modules for other courses, specifically in the areas of anatomy and statistics. These results indicate that there was a need for some review of linguistic concepts learned in prerequisite phonetics classes, and that the online review was effective.

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