A Review of Sex Differences: Glycobiology and Immunology

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  • The biological differences between males and females are significant yet too
    often overlooked. In research and clinical studies, sex differences are often not
    taken into consideration. However, glycobiology and immunology are starting to
    shift. Recent studies in glycobiology show that male and female glycans are
    different; this causes differences in the immune system. These differences are
    affecting the quality of treatment received by females. Because research uses
    primarily male patients, the effectiveness of treatments on females is unknown
    and potentially dangerous. Therefore, we need better research on sex
    differences in biology.
    In this presentation I will be summarizing:
    ⬢ How glycans affect the innate and adaptive immune systems
    ⬢ Why it is important to study the differences between the male and female
    immune systems through general diagnostic and treatment related
    ⬢ How research should move forward in specifically looking at males and
    females in research and clinical studies

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