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Idea of Place powerpoint presentation Justine Lloyd

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  • Title: Species of Spaces: Rhetorical, Dialogic, Precarious

    Justine Lloyd


    In the early 2000s I guest-edited a special issue of Space and Culture on ‘dialogic spaces’ (Vol 7.1 2004). At the time, this notion was formulated to get at the ways in which “culture and space are always already either in conversation, articulation, or argument”.

    In this paper I propose to revisit this notion some 15 years later, and rethink its usefulness for thinking about the multiplicity and polyvalence of place. I will do through two pertinent texts: Lorraine Code’s work on ‘rhetorical spaces’, published in 1995 and Georges Perec’s project ‚Les Lieux’, briefly documented in his collection Species of Spaces, translated into English in 1997. I explore how the spatial processes highlighted by these authors redistribute attention to place, space and culture by making the many tensions and contradictions of place ‘explicit’.

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