Effects of bedding type and within-pen location on feedlot runoff

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  • This two-year study examined the effects of two types of bedding materials (straw and wood chips) and two within-pen locations (bedding pack and pen floor) on various feedlot runoff parameters in southern Alberta, Canada, using a rainfall simulator Bedding type affected antecedent factors and hydrological parameters differently by year Bedding pack locations absorbed 23.5% to 32.9% more moisture, had about 8 cm greater manure depths, slopes between 2.1% and 5.1% steeper, and surfaces that were 2.6% to 5.7% rougher than pen floor locations. Pen floor locations had clod bulk densities that were 0.83 Mg m(-3) greater than bedding pack locations in 1998. However, the effect of bedding packs on these properties depended on the amount of bedding added, which depended on feedlot conditions. Runoff began sooner from pen floor than from bedding pack locations. Once runoff started, the amount and type of bedding material, length of time since fresh bedding was added, and within-pen location affected the time for specific runoff volumes. For example, in 1998, 6 L of runoff were collected about 3 min faster from wood chips than from straw bedding and about 7 min faster from the pen floor than from the bedding pack. Runoff coefficients increased during the simulation events and occasionally exceeded rainfall application rate depending on whether or not water in depression storage was released. Treatment effects were dependent on year of study, and were inconsistent. Thus, further study is warranted regarding the effects of bedding type on feedlot runoff.

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    • Olson, E.C.S., D.S. Chanasyk and J.J. Miller. (2006). Effects of bedding type and within-pen location on feedlot runoff. Transactions of the ASABE, 49(4), 905-914.