Review of Health Technology Assessment Products 2003-2004

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  • The activities of the HTA Unit in 2002–2003, as reflected in various types of reports it had produced and related dissemination activities, were reviewed in a paper published in 2004. The paper provided an overview of the effectiveness of the Unit as an aid to its future management, drawing on concepts outlined in an HTA Initiatives publication.

    The present paper is a follow up to the earlier work and considers some of the publications produced and related activities of the Unit during 2003–2004. The scope is narrower than in the previous report as the very rapid assessment series (QwikNotes) and educational products have not been considered. However, the review of activities has been complemented by a survey of HTA Unit clients on the influence of assessment products on decision making. A summary of the survey results has been included in the report, and some details of the survey are compared with results obtained from the HTA Unit. IP-23 Information Paper. ISBN 1-894927-09-5 (online)

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