The Effect of Perturbations on Resistance to Sliding in Second Order Moments Using Conventional Ligated Brackets Versus Passive Self Ligated Brackets

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    Wong,Justin K
  • Abstract Objectives: A novel frictional and perturbation device was used to investigate the role of vibrations on resistance to sliding (RS) in conventional and passive ligated brackets Methods: 150 3M Victory Series twins (0.022 slot) and 150 Damon Q brackets (0.022 slot) were tested using an 18 x 25 stainless steel wire for resistance to sliding. Test groups consisted of equal numbers (n=30) representing combinations of high and low amplitude and frequency of perturbations as well as control. Second order angulation tested ranged from 0 to 6 degrees. Results: Bracket type, perturbation test condition, and interactions were all significant in affecting resistance to sliding. High Perturbations reduces RS more than low perturbations independent of frequency. Conclusions: Passive ligated brackets have a lower resistance to sliding when compared to conventional ligated brackets under all test conditions and angulations. Amplitude of perturbations has a larger role than frequency in reduction of RS.

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    Master of Science
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