Multifunctional materials for clean energy conversion

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  • The development of efficient energy conversion devices offers new opportunities to address world energy demands; however, the advancement in this field is limited by the lack of suitable materials to drive effective conversion. In this perspective, multifunctional nanomaterials with their unique properties are getting significant attention. Multifunctional nanomaterials are the materials with modified electronic, optical, or catalytic properties, which are generally different from individual materials. These materials are capable of exhibiting characteristic properties of different materials blended together to meet the varied application requirements. Recently, multifunctional nanoparticles (NPs) are among the most necessitated materials for many energy conversion device applications. The capability to synergistically combine the different material properties enables these materials to be perfect candidates for performance enhancement of various energy conversion devices. In this chapter, the research and development of various multifunctional nanomaterials were abridged from the perception of energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and solar cells.

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