Burying dead projects: Depositing the globalization compendium

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  • In the digital humanities we specialize in imagining and launching digital projects, but we rarely consider how to end them. In this paper we propose to discuss the ends of a particular digital project as a case study for the planning of ending. The project we focus on is the Globalization and Autonomy Online Compendium that was developed as a digital outcome of the Globalization and Autonomy project. Specifically, this paper will: Survey the general issues at stake when planning for the end of a digital project; Provide some background on the project and the Compendium; Discuss the underlying technologies that had to be dealt with; Address the specific problem of ending and how we prepared this project for archival deposit; And conclude by talking about some other ends that are really beginnings.

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    • Rockwell, G., Day, S., Yu, J., and Engel, M. (2014). Burying dead projects: Depositing the globalization compendium. Digital Humanities Quarterly, 8(2), .
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