Vulnerable communities: The need for local-scale climate change adaptation planning

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  • Recently, humanity has been faced with the complex task of responding to global climate change. Scholars and researchers stress the urgency of climate change mitigation and adaptation, warning decision-makers of the consequences of taking no action. Climate change mitigation is currently grounded in the minds of key actors and well established across the globe. A compelling response to the challenges associated with climate change, however, requires components of both mitigation and adaptation (e.g., Bulkeley and Tuts, Local Environ 18:646–662, 2013). This entry examines global climate change broadly and identifies the contemporary policy approach to highlight the need for adaptation. This necessity is emphasized through the experience of coastal communities which exhibit a heightened vulnerability to climate impacts. Thus, this entry focuses on examining adaptation types and challenges, to provide a thorough analysis of the process of climate change adaptation. Climate change adaptation is stressed throughout the following discourse as it is a critical element that will influence the future of vulnerable communities.

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    • Bonnett, N., Birchall, S.J. (2019). Vulnerable communities: The need for local-scale climate change adaptation planning. In WL. Filho, PG. Özuyar, PJ. Pace, U. Azeiteiro and L. Brandli (Eds.), Climate Action, Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. London: Springer.
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