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    The stories we share with each other are transformative, forming tender networks of kinship, care, and resistance. Throughout the pandemic, my disabled femme bodymind has existed in a liminal state — receiving access and rest in radical new ways while experiencing profound isolation and grief through waves of ableist rhetoric. Removed from the social fabric of daily life and denied critical access to care, entire worlds were built online from “the majestic disabled revolutionary space” of our beds. Expansive digital kinship networks flourished as chronically ill, mad, neurodivergent, sick and disabled communities shared resources, embodied experiences, and political reimaginings. Our despairs and joys became the narrative threads that hold our outrage and celebrate our collective survival. all of us, also investigates the generative capacity of crip storytelling and art activism to manifest radical new futures.

    This exhibition draws from personal journal entries, online conversations with crip community, and the tender words of the queer femmes of colour whose expansive generosity and kindness lead the disability justice movement. Through tenacious vulnerability, crip storytelling makes visible our struggles and hopes while holding space for kinship and connection. My research-creation centres crip storytelling as queer alchemy. A critical tool in transforming intersecting oppressions into evidence of queer disabled ingenuity, resistance, and collective liberation. Utilizing the framework of performance autoethnography, my practice moves “back and forth between the personal and the political, the biographical and the historical” to stimulate collective political imagination. Weaving together the embodied experience of recovery through a crisis with crip rituals of care and sustainability, all of us, also is a loving invitation to slow down and rest, to sit with the transformative knowledge of our bodyminds. To dream of radical futures where it’s not enough to just survive, but all of us, also collectively thrive.

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