The effects of the reservoir geometry on the velocity distribution in a simple microchannel

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  • Capillary microfluidics is gaining popularity due to its role in recent advances in life science applications. Designing a new and optimized microfluidic platform, as well as having a broader understanding of its function and fundamental physics, are still significant technological problems. However, numerical simulations reveal underlying mechanisms and examine various geometrical effects in microfluidics. In this study, the influence of reservoir geometry in the shape of a circle, square, and rectangle on capillary flow in the microchannel was explored numerically. This study was done by running two-phase flow level set model simulations using the Finite Element Method. The capillary flow characteristics in a microfluidic design were investigated, as well as the filling time, velocity, and pressure drop for various reservoir geometries. The computational result was validated against the analytical solution. It has been demonstrated that the reservoir geometry changes liquid velocity in a microchannel. Microchannel filling time is shorter for the circular reservoir geometry. Therefore, reservoir geometry can be considered a parameter in designing and optimizing a microfluidic platform.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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