Exploiting vulnerabilities using Metasploit Vulnerable Service Emulator

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  • Penetration testing is a comprehensive process of protection and monitoring where a tester simulates an attack to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit on a secured network. It helps decide the best
    way to prevent and secure sensitive data from potential cybersecurity threats. To be successful in a typical pen test; there must be recognition, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and analyzing. This unit will examine the Metasploit Vulnerable Service Emulator (MVSE) in terms of compromising credentials, obtaining a shell session from the target host, emulating vulnerable services, and maintaining the shell session using the Metasploit modules. Since there are several vulnerable services and security vulnerabilities, the honeypot is highly interactive and is specifically designed to be exploitable. The Metasploit framework has various modules which includes, Auxiliaries, Payloads, Exploits, Encoders, NOPS, Post and Evasion. In this unit, two different machines will be hosted on a hypervisor: one for Metasploit (attacker), and the other for MVSE (Victim) in which Metasploit modules would be utilized.

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