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Cars with personality: Shaping the future with Connected Vehicle Technology

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  • More than 1.25 million deaths are caused by traffic accidents every year, 95% of those are due to human error. To address and resolve this problem we are taking the help of an innovative concept, Connected Vehicle (CV). A connected car can assist the human driver by communicating with its surroundings and cooperating with other connected cars to enhance driver’s safety and comfort. Three fundamental components of this emerging technology, Connection, Communication, and Cooperation, will allow the future car to build a personality representing the human driver. This image portrays the individuality dispersing from connected cars while they are united by common goals of enhancing traffic safety, efficiency and productivity on a global scale. My research aims to determine the extents of potential benefits expected from this promising technology. Since CV-technology is currently in its earlier days of evolution, the outcome of this research will be instrumental for policymakers in resource allocation and investment decision-making to shape the future of our transportation system. // Program of study: PhD // Faculty/Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering // Place of creation: University of Alberta // Award: Semi-Finalist, Images of Research Competition 2019

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