Letting the Data Speak: Using Data to Guide Our Way to a More Accessible and Impactful Twitter Account

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    Known as an easy-to-use social media tool, many libraries use Twitter to communicate with their users. Our library is no exception. Although Twitter’s engagement "dashboard" tells us limited information about how many times our tweet appeared on our users' screens, etc., it can’t give us the full picture of the impact of our Twitter efforts.
    The goal of this project is to identify what kind of content/tweets are most popular with our Twitter users, including:
    What sources are users interacting with the most?
    How popular are the Faculty Publication tweets?
    How have the use of hashtags affected the Dentistry Twitter?
    Based on this information, we can pinpoint the areas where we should make adjustments to better serve our users.
    The scope of our analysis consists of statistical information gathered from our Twitter account from May 2015-May 2016. We utilized the Twitter Analytics feature on Twitter and the program Hootsuite to gather this statistical information. We also used Microsoft Excel to analyze the data using charts and graphs.

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