Traffic-oblivious Energy-aware Routing for Multihop Wireless Networks

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  • Technical report TR05-24. Energy efficiency is an important issue in multihop wireless networks with energy concerns. Usually it is achieved with accurate knowledge of the traffic pattern and/or the current network information such as load and remaining energy level (in an energy constrained case). However, accurate estimation of the traffic pattern is hard to obtain. Transmission interference and lossy links exacerbate the problem. We have investigated the problem of designing a routing scheme to minimize the maximum energy utilization of a multihop wireless network with no or weak assumption of the traffic pattern and without ongoing collection of network information. We have developed polynomial size LP models to design such a traffic-oblivious energy-aware routing scheme, in scenarios where 1) there is no interference and links are lossless, and 2) interference is present and links are lossy. The experimental results show that the oblivious routing achieves the performance close to what an oracle can achieve. The results for multihop wireless networks with a single sink are especially good. | TRID-ID TR05-24

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