Development of a multi-functional HVAC facility for the evaluation of air cleaning technologies and ventilation performance

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  • Adequate ventilation with an effective airflow pattern and the air handling unit equipped with air purifier devices are common contaminant control methods for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Air cleaner purification performance, ventilation modes, and contaminant transportation need to be further explored to offer the safest indoor environment, especially under and post the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, this study developed a pilot-scale HVAC test rig to support various research initiatives. The setup was mainly composed of a square duct with the integration of an air filtration/purification testing system and 3 chambers with the ability to control the ventilation modes. The prequalification tests of the facility, including air leakage, velocity and aerosol uniformity, airflow and flow control verification tests, were conducted to show its feasibility. Results of the filter test were discussed as an example to show potential applications of the test rig. This paper can offer insights for future research about HVAC effectiveness.

    Part of the Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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